#discgolf bin liner by Box4Discs (5 default quantity)

Image of #discgolf bin liner by Box4Discs (5 default quantity)
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NEW PRODUCT: #discgolf bin liners // minimize storage wear. These fill the half inch gap in "gray bins" and cradle plastic in a more forgiving material.

Shipping is included in the price...

Unfold and drop in like a coffee filter - clean, quick and easy.

Last picture in the set shows the wear in a ten year old "gray bin" from discs rocking back in forth while transporting and being handled during set up and break down of a large mobile inventory.

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Add the polybag option for no extra shipping costs from the drop down... Maximum Protection for your collection in your existing "gray bins"

A must for any serious disc golf collector.

Ideal for protective disc storage.

9.5" x 9.25" 2 mil with ultraviolet inhibitors... Custom made... Midranges will not bind.

Single track zipper extends the width of the bag and keeps discs clean and free from dust and moisture.

Reclosable bags can be reused.

Size listed are the inside usable dimensions of the bag.

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