trotterbox-deluxe by Box4Discs (6 ct. Default)

Image of trotterbox-deluxe by Box4Discs (6 ct. Default)

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Sold in sets of One, Two, Six, Eight, Ten, Twelve, Eighteen and Twenty...

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A Tray and Lid combination... designed specifically for disc golf storage.

Each trotterbox - deluxe by Box4Discs is designed to hold 25 typical putters, 28 midranges or 32 drivers.

Comes with 4 dividers included with each tray/lid combination.

PLEASE NOTE: When the boxes are closed or the tray is nested in the lid when the box is open, the handle ends are a full one inch thick...

By the way... these boxes work great with 7" Vinyls too.

*discs in photos not included.

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